LKN fishing duo set to put on bass fishing tourney

LKN fishing duo set to put on bass fishing tourney
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LAKE NORMAN, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Usually, it’s sunset or sunrise.

“When fishing, there’s always hope.”

It can be on the water or off the pier.

The time and location always change, but Wes Richardson and Russell Rauch are always searching for it.

“You can get away from all your troubles,” said Russell.

The two have only been friends for about eight months. They met while fishing on Lake Norman.

“The sun wasn’t up, the ramp was closed,” remembered Wes.

“I met Wes right here at this park,” said Russell.

“It was almost immediate,” said Wes.

“There’s an automatic click,” said Russell.

They quickly realized they didn’t just share a love of fishing.

“We both served in the Army,” said Russell.

“When you come home, nobody’s talking about those things you see, nobody is talking about those experiences,” said Wes.

Russell served in Europe and was reactivated for Desert Storm. …

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