How to Hook a Shiner

How to Hook a Shiner
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If you own a bait shop and don’t sell live shiners, can you really call yourself a bait shop? When all else fails it’s hard to beat a live shiner under a bobber—no matter where you fish. Some people view this method of fishing as too simple, easy, or lazy, but I call those people fools. I love working lures and stripping flies as much as anyone, but sometimes I’m just in the mood to giggle at bobbers getting ripped under as a live shiner meets its end. But not all anglers know how to hook a shiner. 

First, you have to choose the right size shiner for the task at hand. Then you have to set your bobber at the proper depth, and make sure your hook is strong enough to land your target but light enough that the bait can swim freely. Even more important, however, is where you stick that hook in the bait. Believe it or not, hook placement matters a lot, and the perfect hook placement can vary by species or scenario. Here are the three most…

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