How to Catch More Perch

How to Catch More Perch
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While the largemouth bass is hands-down the favorite fish in the country, if you had to pick a fish to slip in at a close second, it would be the yellow perch. These abundant, voracious, and delectable little fish are present in over 25 of the 50 states as well as nearly every Canadian province in North America, providing excellent fishing across their range. Traveling in large, concentrated schools, catching a full stringer of perch has been a joy experienced by both rookie and veteran anglers alike since we first figured out how to drop a baited hook into the water.

Unlike bass, which are generally pursued for their fighting ability where they are released to be caught again, most perch fishermen hunt the banks of the lakes, ponds, and small rivers that perch inhabit, hoping to bring home a mess of the small yellow and black striped fish for the dinner table. A close cousin of the walleye, perch have a light yet hearty flesh that is on par with their larger relatives and are…

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