Headlines for Friday, July 1, 2022

Headlines for Friday, July 1, 2022
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Kansas Supreme Court Issues Setback to Big Box Retailers in Property Tax Case 

UNDATED (KNS) – The Kansas Supreme Court issued a blow Friday to big box retailers trying to lower their property taxes. The court’s ruling reversed the Kansas Board of Tax Appeals’ finding that Johnson County overtaxed Walmart properties by tens of millions of dollars. The Kansas News Service reports Walmart argued to the board that big box store properties should be valued as if they were vacant buildings, not operating businesses. But the state’s highest court said the board wrongly ruled in the company’s favor, and did not fully consider evidence from Johnson County on how to value Walmart’s property. The court sent the case back to the board to reconsider, and the board could rule in Walmart’s favor again. Cities and counties in Kansas have concerns that if Walmart wins the case, it would allow other large retailers to push for lower property tax evaluations and…

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