Giant Idaho Grass Carp Breaks State Record, Could Be World Record

Giant Idaho Grass Carp Breaks State Record, Could Be World Record
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Idaho has approved a record grass carp caught with a rod, reel, and artificial lure from the Snake River. The river is well known by outdoorsmen for its whitewater and heavyweight gamefish, such as smallmouth and largemouth bass, trout, muskies, and giant sturgeon. Now it will also be known for massive carp. Incredibly, Cris Endicott landed his record catch on a bass jig.

Yep, and the massive fish weighed an amazing 46.7-pounds, far surpassing the previous Idaho record grass carp of 39.5-pounds taken by Saige Wilkerson in 2012. It was approved by Idaho as the record grass carp on Oct. 19, 2021, according to Martin Koenig with the Idaho Department of Fish & Game

Endicott caught the fish on Oct. 10 while targeting smallmouth, using a twin-tail bass jig.

Endicott’s carp not only took the state weight record for rod-and-reel grass carp, but it also dwarfed the Idaho record for archery-caught and catch-and-release fish of the same species, according to the

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