Folsom resident wins bass fishing tournament at home lake

Folsom resident wins bass fishing tournament at home lake
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A Folsom man won a fishing competition on his home turf.

Luke Johns, 23, won the Apex Cup Championship, a three-day, conservation-oriented fishing tournament put on by its parent company, Wild West Bass Trail, on Folsom Lake on Feb. 19 despite what he calls the “home lake curse.”

“It’s kind of a superstition between fishermen, that fishing on your home body of water, it’s often a lot harder to win a tournament there than it is at other lakes because you fish that place so many times you know so many good spots,” Johns said. “You often get an information overload, and you can spin yourself out. It’s really hard to just focus and not let past memories affect your decision making.”

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The Apex Cup Championship is a qualifying competition meaning Johns was required to catch…

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