The world cup of bass fishing swims into Bay City this summer

The waters near Bay City are developing a reputation for quality among bass fishermen.
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Two different fishing tournaments are catching the eyes of world-class bass anglers, luring them  to the Saginaw River, Saginaw Bay, and Lake Huron in July and August.

Even if you don’t fish, you may still notice the tournaments. Each tournament is expected to generate around $2 million for local businesses. While the fishermen are in town, the community is planning events to keep spectators entertained.

The National Professional Fishing League brings its bass fishing tournament to this area on July 16-22. Then, from Aug. 1-6, Major League Fishing invites the top 80 anglers in the world to participate in a tournament in Bay County.

Local fisherman Ed Clements says one of the benefits of fishing here is a wide range of techniques are effective.Experts estimate the economic impact of each tournament at about $2 million. And that’s just the week the professionals are here. The publicity the tournaments generate is likely to encourage amateur anglers to travel here for the next few…

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