Florida Man Kayak Fishing Catches 600lb Black Marlin

Black Marlin launches out of water
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An angler who made a 600-pound catch has gained worldwide attention after a video of his astounding find was shared on YouTube this week.

The Los Buzos resort in Panama is famed for being one of the best kayak fishing spots on the planet. Scott Mulcher of Florida was on his seventh trip with the resort when he made history catching the huge black marlin off the Los Santos peninsula.

Thought to be one of the largest kayak fishing catches ever, pictures of the 600-pound catch were shared on the Los Buzos Instagram account last week.

On Tuesday main guide and manager of operations, Adam Fisk, shared the incredible moment on his YouTube channel.

In the caption of the video, Fisk wrote: “It’s amazing to have awesome fishermen like him coming back for so many visits. It really goes to show how amazing our fishery is. This time it really paid off for him!”

Hundreds of people have now viewed the incredible image and footage across…

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