Finding the magic number for fishing

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We have all heard of that magic number. Such as the highest number on your team’s scoreboard. Reaching a faster winning number when racing. Seeing that overweight number on your Bass Fishing Tournament scale. These numbers make a big difference for all of us. However, the magic number that really sets everything apart from anything else going on is “58.”

That’s right, No. 58 opens a whole new world to the angler, because that is the perfect water temperature to start the spring crappie spawn. That’s when the biggest of the big come out of the colder, deeper water and start feeding very aggressively. They find shelter in the closer, warmer spots along the shoreline, such as brush piles, rock piles, submerged trees and the like.

Casting jigs, live minnows and smaller lures all work for these feeding machines. The early morning hours and deep, dark nights are the best time to fish for crappie. Most anglers use longer jig rods and even…

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