Cormorant Rescued After Swallowing Fish Still Attached to Fisherman’s Line

Cormorant Rescued After Swallowing Fish Still Attached to Fisherman's Line
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It wasn’t a call that Harford County, Maryland’s Animal Control gets every day. One morning last week, a report came in that a fisherman had caught a fish at Tydings Park along the Havre de Grace waterfront. Before he could remove it from his line, a waterbird swooped down and grabbed the fish. Now he had caught a fish and a bird. The fish, hook and bird were all tangled on his line.

At the time, the fisherman described the bird as a “loon”, but it was later identified as a double-crested cormorant, a waterfowl species native to the Bay that is commonly confused with the loon.

Animal Control Officer Marika Krejci responded to the park to help the hooked bird, which had emerald green eyes, a “razor sharp beak” and a “spicy” demeanor, according to a Facebook post from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

Krejci is no stranger to wildlife rescues like this: she has been in the news in recent years for rescuing injured ospreys and even abandoned…

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