Cape Cod Fishing Report- December 14, 2023

Cape Cod Fishing Report- December 14, 2023
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Cape Cod Fishing Report

A few years ago, I would scoff at the idea of using live bait in freshwater. It just didn’t seem necessary. It was my firm belief that you could usually dupe a fish or two into eating a plug (like a jerkbait or jointed Rapala), a well-placed jig, or a spoon/spinner in almost any conditions. One or two outings this week proved the opposite. Whether it’s the cranking wind, frigid temperatures, or just fishing in the wrong spot, it’s not always easy to convince a fish to take your lure. Live bait, in some cases, is the best way to get bit, and there’s no 2 ways about it. As someone who prefers to fish artificials whenever possible, that was tough to come to terms with, but I’m glad I set aside my indifference towards using bait in freshwater.

(If you’d like to contribute to our weekly fishing reports this winter, email me at with a brief report of your day on the water and what you caught, or message me on Instagram…

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