Bass fisher dies after boat crash on Lake Murray | Columbia

Bass fisher dies after boat crash on Lake Murray | Columbia
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COLUMBIA — A boat crash on Lake Murray during practice for a college bass fishing tournament resulted in the death of an angler from Western Kentucky University.

Two boats, each carrying two fishermen, collided during a practice round for the Bassmaster College Series, according to the state Dept. of Natural Resources. Three fishermen were injured and hospitalized, two of whom were released the following day.

One of the three, Jonathan Brian, succumbed to his injuries days after the crash. The 21-year-old was a native of Shelbyville, KY. 

“We are all heartbroken to learn the news of Jonathan’s tragic death,” said Chase Anderson, CEO of Bass Anglers Sportsman Society.

The collision occurred on Jan. 25 around 1 p.m. in an area of Lake Murray in Newberry County, just off the banks of Dreher Island, officials with SCDNR said.

The two boats both held members of out-of-state fishing teams practicing for the tournament, which has trails in Tennessee, Georgia, Texas and…

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