Best Shimano Reels: Top-Notch Fishing Gear

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Shimano has been making high-quality fishing reels for years. The company offers an array of well-made fishing reels, from affordable spinning reels to high-end baitcasters. These are some of the best Shimano reels for various types of fishing.

Why should you consider a Shimano reel?

A Shimano reel is one of many reel options on the market today. There are many different reel manufacturers, and it can be difficult to sort out which products you can trust…but Shimano reels are recognized by anglers as being very well made and reliable.

Shimano has been around for a long time. The Japanese company opened its doors in 1921 when Shozaburo Shimano established “Shimano Iron Works.” Back then, the company primarily produced bicycle gearing. In 1970, the company realized it could transfer the precision gearing that they used for bicycle equipment to produce fishing reels. In 1970, the company launched its first series of Shimano spinning reels. 
Since then,…

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