A Look Inside Tournament Bass Fishing

A Look Inside Tournament Bass Fishing
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My love affair with competitive kayak fishing began five years ago. I was working on a customer’s compound bow at an archery shop when someone brought in a flier for a local kayak fishing tournament. As I clicked the lighter to burn the ends of the thread, I abruptly decided I wanted to enter. By the end of my shift, I had purchased a used fishing kayak for $800. I grabbed an old milk crate to store my gear, found a life jacket, and eagerly showed up early on the morning of the event. I took third place and have been hooked ever since. 

I started fishing every small event I could find, and qualified for national events across the country. After two years of fishing local, I made the transition to fishing full-time, and have been able to make a living as a kayak angler. In I won the 2021 Hobie Bass Open Series Tournament of Champions, the most prestigious tournament in kayak fishing.

The History of Kayak Fishing

Saltwater and freshwater kayak fishing tournaments began over…

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