9yo From Texas Sets New Fishing Record With 51.5lb Blue Catfish

blue catfish underwater
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A 9-year-old in Texas absolutely demolished the previous junior fishing record for this species, blue catfish. The previous record on this body of water in Texas was just 9 pounds and Jaxon Yoakum reeled in a 51.5 pound blue catfish for his new Texas fishing record.

The fish was caught on while they were fishing on the Twin Buttes Reservoir which is just a few miles outside of the city of San Angelo. It’s a popular central Texas fishing spot for largemouth bass, white bass, a couple different species of catfish, and crappie.

This is by far the most exciting catch out of the Twin Buttes Reservoir in a while. And it is a new Texas fishing record according to the San Angelo District of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) Inland Fisheries Division who announced the record-setting blue catfish catch last week.

51.5 Pound Blue Catfish Is A New Texas Fishing Record

As mentioned, the…

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