5 New IGFA World Record Fish

World record permit
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Few anglers would not relish catching an IGFA world record fish. Having one’s name listed in the organization’s prestigious record book is a proud and crowning achievement for many folks worldwide. There are thousands of world records for a staggering variety of fish species compiled by the Florida-based IGFA. From fly rod records to billfish, catch-and-release, length and youth records, IGFA has them all, recorded for multitudes of freshwater and saltwater species.

Here are five newly approved IGFA catches that are resounding achievements for the anglers who took them.

World record permit!
Courtesy IGFA

Kathryn Vallilee set the IGFA Women’s 8-pound test fly rod tippet class world record permit with an impressive 26-pound, 8-ounce fish taken off Key West, Florida on Aug. 31, 2022. She was fishing the flats with well-known Capt. Brandon Cyr when a permit fell for a shrimp-pattern fly. After a…

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