3 Things for Outdoorsy People to Know Before Becoming Parents

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I’ve seen it a few times on social media: An outdoorsy couple posts their exciting news, “We’re having a baby!” followed by, “We can’t wait to take our little one on outdoor adventures!” I applaud those parents, because anyone that makes plans to introduce their kids to the outdoors at a young age is already doing something right in my book. I do have to add that taking kids hunting, fishing, or camping is not exactly as it may appear online. While it is encouraging for new parents to see others hunting with a baby or a family camping in a remote location on their Instagram feed, there is much, MUCH more to it than that. Being an outdoorsy mom to two kids, I’m happy to share a few things that I’ve learned about being an outdoorsy parent. Here are three things all outdoorspeople should know before having kids.

1. Adapt It to Them

The big thing here is that you’ll need to learn how to adapt your outdoor experiences to fit your child’s needs. Whether you realize it or not, kids…

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