Bay area fishermen, tackle shops feeling inflation pain

Bay area fishermen, tackle shops feeling inflation pain
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POLK COUNTY, Fla. — Fishermen are feeling the wave of inflation as they struggle to gas up their tanks that could take 150 gallons to fill.

“Well, don’t forget – we also have to fill up our trucks that pull the boats to the dock,” said one Polk County fisherman.

The domino effect of rising gas prices for the commercial fisherman is higher seafood prices for us.

“There’s surcharges on everything,” said Ron Schelfo of Ron’s Tackle Box. “They’ve gone surcharge crazy.”

Ron Shelfo has owned Ron’s Tackle Box for over 40 years and said this is the most he’s paid for fishing materials and live bait.

“Every week things are going up,” said Shelfo.  “It’s justified because the price of gas; everybody has to absorb some but they have to pass some on also.”

Shelfo said his pockets took a direct hit as a result to the recent rise in gas prices coupled with inflation.

“It really hit hard in the last year but I can’t pass it on to the consumer because…

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