3 Steps to Winterize Your Garden

3 Steps to Winterize Your Garden
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As the temperatures cool and the sun begins to dip lower in the sky, your vegetable garden may start to look a bit bedraggled. This is a completely normal part of the cycle of an annual vegetable garden, but it doesn’t mean your work is done for the year. Preparing your vegetable garden for winter is an important final garden task that will set you up for success the following spring by reducing pests, diseases, and weeds while improving your soil.

The three most important steps to prepare your garden for winter are to remove any hardy weeds, compost or burn all of your vegetable residue, and cover any bare soil with a cover crop or mulch.

Remove Hardy Weeds

Removing hardy weeds in the fall is important because they’ll continue to grow and expand their root system through the winter. When it comes time to prepare your garden for spring, it’ll be much harder to remove these well established weeds.

In some cases, hardy weeds can propagate themselves through their roots. And if…

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