Watch: Kayak Angler Finds a Big Bass Choking on a Smaller One

video cannibalistic bass
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Casey Reed was competing in a regional kayak bass fishing tournament this September when he spotted something unusual on the surface. As he paddled closer, the 39-year-old angler found a cannibalistic bass choking on another bass.

“I saw something white on the surface that looked pretty big,” Reed tells Outdoor Life. “I got closer and could see it was a bass, but it wasn’t dead. Two bass were hung up after the bigger fish tried to eat the smaller one.”

Reed recorded the video on Sept. 16 on Hyco Lake in North Carolina, which lies just south of the Virginia state line. It’s a perfect example of how a bass will eat anything that fits in its mouth—along with some things that won’t. Like other predatory fish, bigger bass will oftentimes prey on smaller ones.

In this instance, however, the bigger bass bit off more than it could chew and got the smaller bass caught in its throat. Both fish likely would have died had Reed not intervened.


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