Watch: Florida Deputy Leaps into Runaway Boat

Watch: Florida Deputy Leaps into Runaway Boat
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A Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office patrol boat intercepted an out-of-control, unmanned twin-engine fishing boat speeding across Tampa Bay on July 30. Body camera footage from that day shows Deputy Travis Fernandes pulling off a stunt straight out of Mission Impossible. While his partner runs alongside the runaway boat and speeds across the bay at full throttle, Fernandes leaps into the unmanned boat and saves the day.

The solo owner reportedly fell off his vessel while it was running at 41 mph. He was rescued from the water, but the boat continued racing dangerously across the bay without a single occupant on board to steer or throttle back.

Deputies Travis Fernandes and Jill Constant responded to the scene in a sheriff’s patrol boat. The video, filmed on Fernandes’ body camera, shows how the boat was speeding in a slight yet stable turn. Constant maneuvers her patrol boat close to the runaway, skillfully tracking the fishing boat’s…

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