Video: Crappie Angler Finds Jeep with His LiveScope

Video: Crappie Angler Finds Jeep with His LiveScope
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On his Memorial Day fishing trip to Cheney Reservoir in south-central Kansas, crappie angler John Mounce discovered an unusual deep structure near the lake dam. He spotted it with sonar, then decided to get a better underwater view of it with his sophisticated Garmin LiveScope sonar unit.

“As soon as I put my LiveScope on it, I knew immediately it was a vehicle,” Mounce told Wichita’s TV-4. “I saw the tires and the fender wheels really clear.”

Mounce was fishing just off the 9,500-acre Cheney Reservoir dam in 16 feet of water when he discovered the vehicle. His LiveScope showed a few crappie holding near the sunken vehicle’s hood. Naturally, Mounce caught the crappies first. Then he loaded his boat and called the local Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office and reported the vehicle he had discovered.

Law enforcement met Mounce at his home and examined the LiveScope images he had saved.

“They came and…

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