Unidentified Moose Poacher Caught on Trail Cam

Unidentified Moose Poacher Caught on Trail Cam
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Colorado officials are searching for an archer accused of poaching a moose in Pike National Forest, just west of Colorado Springs in Teller County.

On Sept 18, 2021, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) received a call from hunters who stumbled upon a moose carcass near a creek. Travis Sauder, an assistant area wildlife manager and lead officer on the case, along with officers Aaron Berscheid and Ben Meier, arrived on the scene to find a dead bull moose that appeared to have died of an archery wound, with a partially severed head buried under a blanket of branches and sticks.

After examining the feed of game cameras belonging to the hunters who reported the incident, CPW officials found footage of what is believed to be the same bull moose alive on the morning of Sept. 16 followed five hours later by an unidentified archer. The unidentified archer is currently the lead person of interest in the case.

Because the archer remains at large, the details of the killing remains murky. It…

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