The Best Perennial Food Plots For Whitetail Deer

Deer eating clover in a field with two other whitetail deer.
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Food plots are becoming an annual ritual for the nation’s whitetail hunters and land managers, and the yearly conundrum of “what should I plant?” can be vastly simplified if you devote at least a portion of your food plot space to perennials; plant types that, once established, can be counted on to grow for several years with minimal maintenance. 

Perennials offer several advantages for the food plotter. They give the soil a break from the grind of tilling, spraying, fertilizing, and liming associated with brassicas and other annuals. Perennials, especially clover and alfalfa, actually boost soil health due to their nitrogen-fixing nature. They also stabilize soil and prevent erosion. And of course, there’s a significant cost savings, especially in a year like this, in not having to make repeat trips to spray, till, and plant plots devoted to annuals. 

Finally, there’s this; whitetails adore perennials. While they’re no miracle cure (perennials won’t…

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