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Birthdays: Special birthday wishes go out to my grandson, Daniel Adams and to my great-grandson, Sam Adams, and his cousin, Ethan Box, Cathy Tims, Winter Knowles, Treasure Clolinger, Donna Newman, Dennis Bowman, Tina Stallings, Linda Vaughan, Gloria McLeod, Sharon Gant, Carrie Stallings, LaRae Williams, Barbara Hale, Beth Sims, Janet Smith, Rick Tice, Beth Hullett O’Donnell, Shannon Cochran, Maddie Cochran, Flora Bryant, Meg Clements, Lauren Luker, Samuel Golden, Betty Butler, Debbie Hodgens, Daniel Cain, Val Hall, Christa Bryant, Cheryl Fagan, Nate Partridge, Christian Peavey, Faye Wang, Savanah Church, Lunden DeLoach, Abigail Minor, Mike Watkins, Kim Price, Jude Powell, Joey Blackman and Tracy Gray Sargent. Special birthday wishes to my friends Shirley and husband Steve Sargent, who both celebrate their birthdays on the same day.

Anniversaries: Ann…

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