Okeechobee Sets Bass Fishing Record for 30-Pound Limits

Preston Heisler and Tevyn Heisler
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This weekend, at the Roland Martin Marina Center Series tournament on Okeechobee, some unbelievable bass fishing took place and the weigh-in was proof that Okeechobee is still the place of dreams for bass fishermen. Imagine a scenario where catching an even 30-pound limit of bass not only didn’t win, but didn’t even get you in the top 20. That’s right. You read that right. A 30.22 pound bag was 20th place in this tournament.

But it gets even crazier. Imaging fishing a 177-boat team tournament, and a 28-pound limit of largemouth bass does not get you a check. Yep. That happened too. This is the best paying tournament trail in Florida and it pays 30 places. The 31st place team had an awesome day and caught 28.42 pounds of bass and didn’t make a check. That is mind-blowing.

Scott Martin and his daughter Hillary fished and weighed 29.58 pounds of bass for…

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