Ohio Girl Catches Record-Setting 100-Pound+ Blue Catfish

record setting 101 pound blue catfish largest fish ever caught in Ohio
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Kristen Powell Parker / Facebook

A 15-year-old girl in Ohio just worked her way into the state fishing record book when she landed a 101.11 pound blue catfish while fishing on the Ohio River.

Jaylynn Parker was fishing with her dad and his friend on the Ohio River earlier this month when she caught the fish of a lifetime. Because not only is her 101.11-pound blue catfish a new state fishing record in Ohio, it is the largest fish EVER caught in the Buckeye State. I want to send a big shout out to BroBible reader Bryan Panzero for bringing this amazing catch to my attention.

The previous Ohio state fishing record for blue catfish was a 96-pound fish caught on the Ohio River by angler Chris Rolph back in 2009. Until recently, that was the heaviest fish to ever be caught in Ohio. Only the flathead catfish record came anywhere close at 76.5 pounds according to the record book that is maintained by the Outdoor Writers of Ohio.

Her family announced the record-setting catch on…

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