New Details Emerge on Walleye Tournament Cheating Scandal

New Details Emerge on Walleye Tournament Cheating Scandal
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Cheating is everywhere. A quick flip through the pages of a newspaper or scrolling through newsfeeds on your phone makes this quite clear. Most of us can recall scandals in football, basketball, and even chess in the not-so-recent past. The much less popular sport of walleye fishing has now taken its turn at the plate. While many people don’t realize that walleye tournaments are even a thing, this type of behavior has been going on much longer than anyone reading this has been walking or talking.

More than 20 years ago in one of my first tournaments, a few fellow participants couldn’t believe that a young snot-nosed kid could have amassed such a big bag of walleye, so they accused me of cheating. Interestingly enough they admitted to pooling their fish together and adding ice to the fish’s bellies for added weight. Both violations individually enough to get them thrown out. Admitting to cheating to accuse someone else of cheating is ironic by epic proportions.

The simple…

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