Missouri Man Shoots Bowfishing World Record 125 Pound Bighead Carp

world record bighead carp bowfishing missouri fishing record
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iStockphoto / Christopher Moswitzer

  • A Missouri man bow fishing for Bighead Carp shot a world record fish weighing more than 125 pounds
  • He thought he was shooting a 30-pound Grass Carp and it turned out to be a fish so big it looks like an Amazon River Monster or a Grouper you’d find deep in the ocean
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I bow fisherman from Perryville, Missouri just shot his way into the world record books. Matt Neuling was bowfishing on Lake Perry, Missouri and fired an arrow at what he thought was a 30-pound Grass Carp. He was mistaken. It turned out to be the fish of a lifetime, a world record 125 pound, 5-ounce Bighead Carp.

If you’re reading this and you are a carp fisherman, I’d love for you to find me on Twitter at @casspa and explain to me the allure of going after carp. They don’t put up much of a fight. Most species of carp are truly hideous (in my humble opinion), and they’re not commonly used as table fare.

Alas, I understand the allure of…

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