Midwest Fisherman Shows What Ice Fishing is Like for the Fish

Midwest Fisherman Shows What Ice Fishing is Like for the Fish
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Well, I’ll admit this is the most unique perspective on ice fishing I’ve ever seen. It’s the viewpoint of the pastime from the fish’s perspective as shared by a Midwestern guy.

I saw this unique video trending on Digg and I now understand why. He’s an ice fisherman and he’s good at it. Plus, he has some prime gear to get the job done. Here’s how he described his latest outing:

I went ice fishing with a Marcum Pursuit HD to try and see when the fish bit. Tons of largemouth bass and a few yellow perch came by. I also was fishing with tip-ups and caught a super fat and short largemouth bass. It was a great day of fishing.

The fish do not look pleased.

These two fish appear to be looking at each other mentally asking the question “Should you bite that hook or should I?”

T Fish via YouTube

T Fish via YouTube

I looked up the gear that he’s using for the underwater video and it’s exotic. That Marcum camera setup he has goes for around $600 all by itself.

The Farmer’s Almanac has some very helpful…

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