Lake Murray is it for the next Bass World Championship

Lake Murray is it for the next Bass World Championship
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This tournament will include Olympic-level regulations. It’s October 16-22, 2022.

LAKE MURRAY SHORES, S.C. — Of all countries, all states, all lakes and all fish in the world, Lake Murray is where an Olympic-level bass tournament is taking place in about a month. 

Five years in the making and thanks to a relationship with the USA Bass Team and some other factors, our jewel of South Carolina was selected. 

This is the first time the tournament is coming to the United States too. 

“With our great reputation and history and dealing with national fishing tournaments and we have record breaking weigh ins, the excitement of it. So between the hospitality and that history, Lake Murray was chosen as the place to host,” said Vickie Davis, vice-president for the Capital City Lake Murray…

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