Lady Angler Hooks Fourth River Record

Lady Angler Hooks Fourth River Record
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Most people are lucky to have one fishing record on GON‘s Lake & River Records, but Rachel Harrison is truly blessed because she recently claimed her fourth.

Born in New York but currently living in Calhoun, Ga., Rachel just set a new record for white bass on the Coosa River.

Starting fishing at only six years old, Rachel has been fishing for 30 years total; 10 to 12 of those years have been spent on the Coosa River. Fishing is something she and her husband love doing together.

The victorious day of the white bass catch did not begin as something special. She was with her husband, and it was “just a slow day with little fish.”

Rachel originally did not want to visit their next stop. She said that while they went there a lot in the past, they never catch anything anymore. However, her husband insisted they go, and they did.

That particular spot, near the lock and dam, turned out to be the best spot all day. Rachel was continually casting a 1/8-oz. blue jig and catching a…

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