Iowa Fisherman Pulls Up A Massive 71.6-Pound Flathead Catfish

Iowa Fisherman Pulls Up A Massive 71.6-Pound Flathead Catfish, Just A Few Pounds Shy Of The State Record
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  • An angler in Iowa reeled in a massive 71.6-pound flathead catfish near Des Moines.
  • The enormous catfish was under 10 pounds from the Iowa-state fishing record for Flathead Catfish and it’s truly a massive freshwater fish.
  • The fish was caught by the team behind the Outdoor X Media YouTube channel and they filmed the catch from start to finish.

Angler Greg Sieck from the Outdoor X Media channel on YouTube recently landed the (cat)fish of a lifetime. He hauled in a 71.6-pound flathead catfish, the biggest fish ever caught on their channel and one of the largest fish landed in the state of Iowa.

The current Iowa state fishing record for flathead catfish is 81.00-pounds. That fish was caught on June 1, 1958 a whopping 64 years ago by angler Joe Baze on Ellis Lake.

With a state fishing record like that lasting for so long you start to wonder if anyone will ever be able to break it and if all the big fish are gone. But then this angler hauls in a…

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