Angler Lands Pending World Record Alligator Gar In Texas

Alligator Gar fishing world record
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iStockphoto / serajace

Captain Kirk Kirkland is known as the ‘world’s best alligator gar guide’ and he has over 100 IGFA fishing world records to back up that claim.

Capt. Kirkland recently guided a client to another pending world record alligator gar while fishing on the Trinity River near Huntsville, Texas.

The behemoth 251-pound alligator gar would beat the existing IGFA fishing world record for the 80-pound line class by a whopping 60 pounds. And the best part of this story is that the fish was released alive and healthy back into the water.

On Instagram, Kirland described himself as “the original catch-and-release alligator gar fishing guide here in Texas.” This is an important point because most anglers targeting alligator gar, a remarkable species for many reasons, do so using a bow and arrow and they kill the fish for sport because they aren’t good to eat.

Check out this pending world record fish:

Captain Kirkland told Travis Hall of Field & Stream they…

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