How to Keep Locations a Secret (Without Being a Jerk)

How to Keep Locations a Secret (Without Being a Jerk)
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It’s easy to feel like an outsider, especially when it comes to hunting and fishing. I know because I’ve been one. I remember asking (what I thought were reasonable) questions about where to hunt on various forums, only to get some snide or sarcastic reply that essentially amounted to “screw off.” Now, years later, I have a few opinions on that matter, now that I’ve had to ignore those comments and find my own places to hunt and fish.

The truth of the matter is that there’s nothing more valuable than information when it comes to the outdoors. I don’t care if you shoot bismuth or cast a four-figure fly rod. Unless you know where and how to follow your pursuit, you could have all the tools in the world and nowhere to use them. It’s why there’s a constant arms race in hunting and angling fueled by two parties—those with the information and those without it.

In short, information is one hell of a precious commodity, and it’s becoming more and more valuable as…

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