How to Catch Trout at Night

How to Catch Trout at Night
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Whoever said “nothing good happens after sundown” was obviously not a trout fisherman. While we’ve all enjoyed those brilliant days on the river casting for rising trout on sun-dappled pools and shining riverside runs, the fact is that we’re missing out on the real game. Trout are naturally warier during the day and are quick to dash into cover as soon as you make a bad cast. At night they become more relaxed and willing to move out into the open since they can’t see what they’re eating that well. They’re more apt to take a bait, fly, or lure with little to no hesitation.

When the sun starts to go down, those big trout you don’t see during the day begin to come out to play. These big fish are almost exclusively nocturnal, coming out of the deep holes and hidden places where they hide during the day like vampires to prey on baitfish, ducklings, mice, and even other trout. If you’re willing to brave the dark, you can have some of the best fishing of your life at…

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