How to Catch More Smallmouth Bass on the River

The same baits will work on river and lake smallmouths.
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Catching smallmouths in the river is slightly different than targeting them in lakes. Kristine Fischer

Smallmouth bass have become one of the most popular game fish to target in North America. They are aggressive by nature, and their fight is stout enough to hook any angler for life. Luckily, they are abundant in lakes and rivers in almost all 50 states.

We often hear about the iconic Great Lakes smallmouth fishing, Mille Lacs, Champlain, and Dale Hollow, home of the worldrecord smallmouth. But with fish as big as 8 pounds being pulled out of locations like the Tennessee River the last few years, anglers are paying closer attention to moving water for better smallmouth fishing.

Catching traditional lake smallmouth is slightly different than river smallmouth. You can’t target them the same, namely because rivers have current, and lakes do not. Here’s how to catch more smallmouths in moving water.

Cast Your Bait into the Current

When targeting smallmouth…

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