How to Avoid Crowds During the Rut

How to Avoid Crowds During the Rut
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When it comes to getting away from hunting pressure during the rut, the key is timing and putting distance between yourself and other hunters. Deer, especially mature bucks, will typically only tolerate a small amount of human intrusion. They are going to find areas where hunters aren’t, so that means you need to as well. Stay creative and separate yourself from the masses to get close to a pressured public land buck this fall.

Double Down on Mornings and Week Days

Sometimes the battle with beating the crowds on public land during the rut can simply be doing what others aren’t willing to. I’ve had a lot of luck over the years by getting back in thick cover well before daylight.

Too often, hunters make excuses for not getting set up early enough or needing a break and sleeping in after a few days. Of course, it depends on overall hunter volume on the particular piece of public, but parking lots and pressure consistently seem lighter in mornings than afternoons. It may sound too…

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