Hemingway in Cuba: Fighting Sharks and Big Marlin

image of ernest hemingway and marlin on top of old magazine pages
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COMING OUT OF the stern waves, the first big one raced along the surface after the starboard teaser, his fin and tail cutting through the top of the water. The marlin’s long, narrow, purple side fins were extended like the wings of a bird, and his sword almost touched the teaser as he charged, even though Carlos had the boat going full speed and we were pulling in the teasers as fast as we could. 

The marlin followed the teasers right up to the boat and, when we pulled them out of the water, he kept on coming until his bill was within an inch of the stern. He seemed to think the teasers were bonito and had taken refuge under the boat and might have gone on into the propeller had not Ernest Hemingway reeled in and dropped a piece of bait on his bill. Immediately the spear leaped two feet out of the water, and the marlin slashed at the cero mackerel. Hemingway, seeing the bait was well in the fish’s mouth, struck without slacking. 

Zing! There was a shrill cry…

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