Gators and Cuban refugees up close from a 16-foot skiff

Gators and Cuban refugees up close from a 16-foot skiff
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(July 21, 2022) Henry Holt left Nantucket Wednesday in a 16-foot aluminum skiff, headed toward Maine and eventually Nova Scotia. It was the next leg in his months-long journey navigating across the eastern United States to complete what’s known as the Great Loop.

Holt, who spent summers in Sconset growing up, began his trek May 1 in the shadow of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Mo. before making his way down the Mississippi River, through the Gulf of Mexico and up the East Coast, before reaching Nantucket last week.

Holt built his boat Isabel in his garage from a kit over two weekends and has since slept next to a congregation of alligators, tied a world fly-fishing record and assisted a group of Cuban refugees during his trip.

Holt was spurred to undertake the journey by his love of adventure and memories of fishing on a similar-sized boat with his father and two brothers growing up in Sconset.

“I tell people I can afford a…

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