Fishing Gear Hacks: 3 Items All Anglers Need

Fishing Gear Hacks: 3 Items All Anglers Need
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On May 14th, angler Mike Wherley reeled in a 66-pound, 4-ounce flathead catfish on the Susquehanna River. If certified, it will best the current Pennsylvania state-record flathead by more than ten pounds. It’s an impressive catch, no doubt, but the part of Wherley’s story that caught my attention had nothing to do with the fish. 

According to, Wherley almost never wet a line that day. Why? Because he had some boat trouble. 

From the story: Wherley’s boat started to leak, and he thought they would have to return to shore to have it repaired. However, his buddy Tommy Clark, remembered they had Swedish Fish, the candy, aboard. Clark chewed several of the fish then placed the gummy in the hole to stop the water. 

The makeshift repair worked, and they continued fishing. While they were in about 50 feet of water, they had fish strike on three different rods at the same time.

I got a huge kick out of…

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