Felony Charges for Anglers at Ohio Walleye Tournament

Felony Charges for Anglers at Ohio Walleye Tournament
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Two men could face 3 years in prison after Ohio walleye tournament organizers accused them of filling their winning catch with weights to win a $30,000 prize.

Everyone knows anglers love to tell “big fish” stories — but it turns out that tournament officials don’t receive it well when competitors exaggerate their catches.

Jacob Runyan, 42, and Chase Cominsky, 35, were basking in the glow of their win at the Lake Erie Walleye Trail championship. With five weighty fish, they beat out 60 other two-person teams.

But Ohio walleye tournament Director Jason Fischer had concerns. The fish seemed too heavy, with uncharacteristically large bulging. In a video that quickly went viral, he cut the fish open in front of a large audience — and found weights and pieces of other fish inside.

“We got weights in fish!” he screams in the clip. “Get the **** out of here!”

That moment led to an investigation of the…

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