Father and Son Catch a 1000 Pound Tuna

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Ever hear of “The One That Got Away?”

Well, this fish tale just happens to be true, and it happened right here in the 757. Josiah and Zeek VanFleet went out on what would be an “ordinary” fishing trip – or so they thought.
They were very excited as they had just become the proud owners of their very own boat, and were ready to test it out in the open water.

They were ready to fish and were not disappointed when they felt a strong bite.

After a 2 1/2 hour fight, this beast was captured and hauled into the boat. It took 7 men all their strength, along with the help of a big wave, to pull this massive creature into the boat.

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How massive was it? Well, this bad boy was estimated to weigh about 1,000 pounds – that’s a lot of sandwiches!

In an unfortunate twist of fate, the scales at the marina were broken, so the exact weight and whether or…

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