Fat Rainbow Trout Shatters Maryland State Record

Fat Rainbow Trout Shatters Maryland State Record
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The angler’s 30-minute battle with the fish played out just miles upstream of one of the deadliest battlefields in American history

A fisherman holds up a fat rainbow trout caught from a creek in Maryland.

Jean-Phillipe Lartigue holds up the new Maryland state-record rainbow trout. Photograph courtesy Jean-Phillipe Lartigue

Retired fisheries biologist Jean-Phillipe Lartigue caught a fat rainbow trout from Maryland’s Antietam Creek on Saturday. Measuring more than 30 inches long and weighing 17.44 pounds, Lartigue’s trout shatters the previous state record — a 14.2-pounder caught in 1987.     

Lartigue caught the huge trout from a public stretch of Antietam Creek that flows through Devil’s Backbone Park in Washington County. History buffs will recognize the creek as the site of a pivotal battle that took place during the Civil War. Still considered the bloodiest single-day conflict in American history, the Battle of Antietam was fought just miles downstream of the county…

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