Diver rescues shark trapped on reef by fishing gear

Diver rescues shark trapped on reef by fishing gear
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A dive instructor in Hawaii capped a recent expedition by saving the life of juvenile whitetip shark in a dramatic rescue that was caught on video.

The accompanying footage, captured by Rachel Gillis, shows the shark tethered to a coral head by fishing line, with the hook attached to a steel leader in its mouth.

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David Prutow, of Blue Wilderness Dive Adventures, spotted the shark resting on the sand next to the coral at Horseshoe Reef off Hawaii’s North Kohala Coast.

Prutow hoped to remove the hook, but the shark became aggressive during the effort.

“Initially I thought I could try and unhook the shark as it was obviously in distress and not moving,” Prutow told FTW Outdoors. “It was tangled and pinned to the coral head with wrapped line. I wasn’t too thrilled with that [first] attempt so I had to back off and wait for it too settle to try and cut…

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