Delaware Angler Catches Record Catfish

delaware blue catfish record
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Delaware has a new blue catfish record, according to a press release the state’s Division of Fish and Wildlife published on Tuesday. Angler Chris Andrews holds the record after catching the large fish from the Nanticoke River, which runs into the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay. 

Andrews and his night-fishing buddies were enjoying a peaceful summer trip on the Nanticoke when the big cat took his bait.

“I knew it was a big one, just not how big,” the Bridgeville angler told “I got the fish up and close to the boat multiple times, but it would just take off pulling my drag. I had a smaller net than usual, so it took multiple tries [to boat]. After about a five-minute fight, the fish was landed.”

The crew then took Andrews’ blue cat to nearby Taylored Tackle Shop in Seaford, Delaware. State wildlife officer Sgt. Nathan Evans certified the 48-pound, 7.2-ounce catch.

Andrews’ catfish beats the previous record-holder by just 4…

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