City Of Weaver Work Session and City Council Meeting 8/22/23

Weaver City Council
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Weaver, AL – Weaver held their regularly scheduled works sessions and City Council Meeting on August 22nd. 

Work Session

The work session opened with a public hearing held by Shelby Peterson with the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission. She went over the comprehensive plan for the city of Weaver which focused on land use, housing, transportation, community facilities (parks and rec), and economic development.

Public Works Director, Johnathon Ingram, discussed the cost of Weaver continuing to produce water vs buying it from Anniston. The current cost to produce water is 78 cents per thousand and the cost to buy is currently priced at $1.44 a thousand. Because of this the council did not decide to pursue purchasing water, but would consider having an emergency hookup with the city of Anniston Water and Sewer if the cost wasn’t too high.

A discussion was also held on attempting to get a grant to cover the cost of replacing the current water meters with…

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