Baltimore Sailor Overdue off Coast of Mexico

Baltimore Sailor Overdue off Coast of Mexico
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Captain Donald Lawson, a professional sailor from Baltimore, is overdue in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico and the Mexican Coast Guard is actively searching for him. He has not been heard from since July 12 and it is believed he may not have engine power or an operational wind generator.

Defiant underway as Captain Donald Lawson prepared for his upcoming record attempt.

Lawson left Acapulco on July 5, bound for the Panama Canal and ultimately Baltimore, as he gears up to make a single-handed world record attempt for circumnavigation on a trimaran this fall. His wife, Jacqueline, tells Bay Bulletin she last received a text from Lawson on July 12, 2023.

He first communicated on July 9 that he was without engine power, relying solely on a wind generator. According to Jacqueline, he lost his wind generator due to a storm on July 12.

His last known position was detected July 13 at 1324 GMT (1:24 p.m.), updated through the Predict Wind App at…

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