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All about that bass | Sports
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When describing Purdue’s rich sports history, people may recount its long basketball tradition, including the most regular season conference titles in the Big Ten, or maybe its football moniker: the “cradle of quarterbacks.” Its bass fishing history, however, doesn’t usually top the list.

Though often overlooked, Purdue has a proud bass fishing heritage, going all the way back to the first ever collegiate bass fishing tournament, which was held in 1992 between Purdue and Indiana University. Purdue won the inaugural competition by three pounds.

Fast forward 30 years, the Bass Fishing Club is still going strong, boasting upwards of 50 consistent members at their meetings. Despite the club’s tenure and level of attendance, until recently the club found itself in a pandemic-induced gully.

“Over COVID-19 we really did not do anything,” Club President Tim Radtke said. “We had our elections that year, and 19 people showed up for the Zoom…

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