Woman Breaks Md. Fishing Record for Shark Species

Woman Breaks Md. Fishing Record for Shark Species
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A fishing trip that was almost canceled became a memorable one, when a Pennsylvania woman managed to catch a state record-breaking shark before the trip was done.

Fay Ganster landed an 18-pound smooth dogfish off the coast of Ocean City Oct. 22. The smooth dogfish, sometimes called a dusky smooth-hound, is one of the most common shark species along the Atlantic coast. It can grow up to five feet long.

Ganster booked her October shark fishing charter trip with her husband months in advance. Ganster lives in Reading, Penn., but frequently vacations in Ocean City. When the time came for the trip, it was canceled because of bad weather. But at the last minute, the charter captain, John Forman of Bottom Bouncer, called to give the couple the green light.

Ganster and her husband fished near the Ise of Wight shoal for four or five hours, pulling in a few bluefish and sea bass. Then, using a chunk of cut bluefish as bait, she cast again.

This time, the angler…

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